Women's Self Defense

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Moogong Ryu

Women's Self Defense

The world has never been a completely safe place. Even in a country which we consider to be highly civilized, violence and assault are everyday occurrences. Despite of best efforts of law enforcement agencies, the personal assault rates continue to soar. There are simply more criminals than police and all of us at one time or another find ourselves in a dangerous situation.

We cannot ignore this possibility and hope it will never happen to us. It does happen and we are all potential victims. Equally as foolish as pretending it will never happen is the individual without training says, “ I will deal with trouble when it happens.” The kind of false confidence evaporates very quickly in the face of confrontation. The final and the most fatal approach to assault is the belief that “ I am not at all capable to defending myself - I will have to submit to any assault.” This is exactly what an assailant hopes for. They instinctively seek out target, who appear incapable of fighting back.

"There are simply more criminals than police and all of us at one time or another find ourselves in a dangerous situation"

Numerous studies have shown that any kind of determined defense will discourage many assailants. Of course, a trained defender has much better odds. Does this mean an individual must study self defense for a year to have a chance? No, although there is no substitute for prolonged training under the qualified professional martial arts schools, just the act of beginning an effective self defense program under a qualified and credible instructor will improve your safety. Your self image will change from “victim” to “defender” and this subtle change of attitude and body carriage will be enough in some cases to discourage assailants.

Your awareness of potential danger will also increase as you examine the mentality of the attacker and defender. Finally, the self confidence you gain from your training will carry over to all aspects of your life. None of us deserve the humiliation of walking the streets in constant fear. Isn’t it time you took a positive step toward securing peace of mind? You do have choice to resist and defend your well-being. The first step toward that choice is to make a personal commitment to pursue training under a qualified, credible self defense training program.

                    WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE
  1. Classes open to all family members & friends - All ages
  2. Classes: Available at Select OMAC Locations
  3. Most cost-effective self-defense program in the city!
  4. Uniform/Equipment not included.
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