OMAC Response to COVID-19

OMAC Family:

On March 15, 2020, the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, took the extraordinary step to close all bars and restaurants, restricting them to delivery and take out only. He came to this decision after people all over the state sent him photos and stories of crowded bars Saturday night despite the warnings of social distancing and the governor’s edict limiting crowds to no larger than 100 people.

Governor DeWine made this decision “Based upon all of this and based upon the fact of where we are at this point, in this pandemic — we are literally at a crucial, crucial, crucial stage”. Social Distancing is the best practice aside from frequent hand washing, for limiting the spread of Covid 19, and all Ohioans are being asked to do their part to reduce the need for our health services.

In response to this new development, and in the interest of keeping everyone safe and healthy, Supreme Grandmaster Choi has made the extremely difficult decision to cancel all classes for at least two weeks beginning Monday March 16th, 2020. This will affect all branches. Your contract will be extended for the length of this closure. This is being done with the health of the families of our students as the priority in this time of state and national crisis. You are all encouraged to practice at home. We are working to provide links for you to access your requirements online. Thank you; and keep healthy and happy. "Bek Gel Bulgool - Indomitable Spirit"

Martial Arts Terminology

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Moogong-Ryu Philosophy —
Words for Wisdom

Moo Shim 무 심 Empty Mind
In Nae 인내 Patience
Keuk Ki 극기 Discipline
Jah Jae 자제 Self Control
Kyum Sohn 겸손 Modesty
Joen Kyung 존경 Respect
Shin Nyum 신념 Confidence
Shin Eui 신의 Faith
Jung Jick 정직 Honesty
Yong Ki 용기 Courage
Soon Jong 순종 Obedience
Ohn Jung 온정 Compassion
Kyoel Dhan 결단 Determination
Geun Ki 끈기 Persistence
Kyoon Hyoung 균형 Balance
Shi Chahk 시착 Start
Pil Seung 승리 Victory
Sung Gong 성공 Success
Sah Rahng 사랑 Love
Jah Bi 자비 Mercy
Jo Hwa 조화 Harmony
Pyoung Hwa 평화 Peace
Gi Beum 기쁨 Joy
Haeng Bok 행복 Happiness

Counting & Writing Numbers in Korean

Ha Na 하나 One
Dool Two
Seht Three
Neht Four
Da Soet 다섯 Five
Yoe Soet 여섯 Six
Il Gohp 일곱 Seven
Yoe Dul >여덜 Eight
Ah Hohp 아홉 Nine
Yoel Ten
Su Mool 수물 Twenty
Soe Reun 서른 Thirty
Ma Heun 마흔 Forty
Shi Heun 쉬흔 Fifty
Yeh Soon 예순 Sixty
Il Heun 일흔 Seventy
Yoe Deun 여든 Eighty
Ah Heun 아흔 Ninety
Baeg Hundred
Cheon Thousand

Titles of Respect

Sa Boum Nim 사범님 Instructor
Kwan Jang Nim 관장님 Head of School
Joe Kyo Nim 조교님 Assistant Instructor
Yoo Dan Ja Nim 유단자님 Black Belt Holder


Ahn young ha seh yo How are you?
Ahn young hee ge seh yo Good bye
Ahn young hee gae seh yo Stay well
Chook ha hap ni da Congratulations
Gahm sa hap ni da Thank you
Chun mahn eh yo You are welcome
Mi ahn hap ni da I am sorry

Class Commands

Jung Yeol Line up
Cha Ryot Attention
Kyung Yet Bow (for respect)
Moog Nyum Meditation
Yiro soe Stand Up
Joon Bee Ready (come to ready stance)
Shi Jahk 시착 Start
Gew mahn End, Stop
Baro Return
Shi Oh 시여 Relax
Ahk soo Shake hands
Dae Dahb Answer
Hae Chyo Break (separate)
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