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OMAC 2014 Schedule of Events (Tentative)

- 2014 OMAC Schedule -
"Year of the Horse (Loyalty, Compassion, Speed, Power)"
-All event scheduling is subject to change -

MAY - 39th Battle of Columbus * BOC Volunteer, Referee, Coach Training & Meeting Every Saturday

5/24 (Sat.) 39th Battle of Columbus - Ohio State Fair Ground
5/25 (Sun) - Asian Festival - OMAC Demo & Picnic (Outdoor Training) - Franklin Park 11am

JUNE - BOC Wrap up Meetings until completion of follow up
6/6 (Fri) Sr. Class & Meeting 6:30-9pm
6/7 (Sat.) Chicago SGM Kim MooSong Dojang Test
6/9 (Mon) ChoongMoo Seminar & Test
6/17 & 19 - Mid Term & Upgrade Test (Tue. 6:30-8:30 - Brice) - (Thur. 6-8pm Worthington)
6/20 (Fri) - Cincinnati Test 6/21 (Sat.) Indiana Test ?
6/18-22 (Wed.-Sun) Fasting for June & July Test
6/22&29 (Sun.) Meditation - 8am-8pm at Brice Rd. for test July 20 (Sun)

JULY - 7/4-6 (Fri-Sun.) School Closed- Independence Day * Summer Camp & Main Test at Kenyon


The 30th Annual Oriental Martial Arts College - Moogongryu Martial Arts Summer Camp of 2013 was EPIC!

Spectacular Curricula, Energy, and Spirit were seen and felt throughout camp and in all of our great athletes!

Not only did we have an AWESOME camp, we had a chance to witness a Historical Event at this camp's
Moogongryu Main Rank Promotion Test!

That is, the Honorable Belt Presentation ceremony of not one, not two, but FOUR Grandmasters in the OMAC Moogongryu school.

2013 OMAC Schedule of Events

2013 OMAC Schedule of Events
‐ Subject to change ‐


- NEW ALBANY OMAC Anniversary CLASS & DEMO 9:30am‐11am at New Albany Links
- OMAC Fall Rank Test! 1pm-3pm at Brice Road Location
all recommendations stripes and test forms 100% complete & turned in 1 week before test!


10/2 (Weds) - 5pm - OMAC was invited to do a SPECIAL DEMO
at the PRESIDENT'S CUP Golf World Championship!

10/4 (Fri) Sr. Class & Meeting 6:30‐9pm at Brice Rd. (4 credits)
***SPECIAL*** Supreme Grandmaster Choi will be teaching Hapkido to all!

10/18‐20 (Fri‐Sun) - Fall Camp ‐ Fri. 5:30pm‐Sun. 2pm
***Register online at OMACWORLD.COM ASAP for early bird special!***

10/22 & 24 (Tues & Thurs) Midterm Rank tests
- all recommendations stripes and test forms 100% complete & turned in 1 week before test!

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3. No Blame

1/26/11 Wed. Kimoodo Class - Words of life

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