OMAC 2018 Summer Camp

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2018 Meditation For July BB Test

Sunday, 6/24, over 40 OMAC branches black belt students up to 8th dan completed 12 hours of meditation. The test coming on July 19-22 at Kenyon college during the 37th annual OMAC summer camp.
They completed 3-6 days of fasting prior to 12 hours meditation on Sunday. Sgm Choi leading the last phase of meditation. Congratulations to all OMAC instructors and students. This tradition has been started since 1971 after young master Choi brought taekwondo in the USA.

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Founded 1963 in Korea, moved USA 1971
(Affiliated with: USAT, Kukkiwon, WTF, Taekwondo-won, Songmookwan)
Founder/President Grand Master Joon P. Choi
· 10th Degree Black Belt with 60 years Experience
· Trained FBI, Swat, Secret Service, Navy Seal,
OSU Football Team 1991
· Coached U.S. Taekwondo Team in 1988 Seoul Olympic (11 medals)
· Trained over 25,000 Students
· Produced over 20 U.S. National Champions & Olympic winners
· Over 100 Certified Instructors

Our Vision KYO:
Kids Grow Up Happy & Healthy, Young Become Wise & Strong,
Old enjoy peace and harmony

Our Mission ETAT: Education, Training, Application, Teaching

Our Greatest Common Goal: Self-improvement for Success & Happiness

OMAC’s 4 Process of Developing an Holistic Life Skills

1. Education (Mental Exercise)
2. Training (Physical & Mental Exercise)
3. Applying (Application of Holistic Life Skills in everyday Life)
4. Teaching (Confirming own Skills & Promoting Positive Self
by Teaching)

OMAC’s Success Formula (True Partnership) :
Good Parents + Good Teachers + Good Life Skills = A Bright Future

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