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Founded 1963 in Korea, moved USA 1971
(Affiliated with: USAT, Kukkiwon, WTF, Taekwondo-won, Songmookwan)
Founder/President Grand Master Joon P. Choi
· 10th Degree Black Belt with 60 years Experience
· Trained FBI, Swat, Secret Service, Navy Seal,
OSU Football Team 1991
· Coached U.S. Taekwondo Team in 1988 Seoul Olympic (11 medals)
· Trained over 25,000 Students
· Produced over 20 U.S. National Champions & Olympic winners
· Over 100 Certified Instructors

Our Vision KYO:
Kids Grow Up Happy & Healthy, Young Become Wise & Strong,
Old enjoy peace and harmony

Our Mission ETAT: Education, Training, Application, Teaching

Our Greatest Common Goal: Self-improvement for Success & Happiness

OMAC’s 4 Process of Developing an Holistic Life Skills

1. Education (Mental Exercise)
2. Training (Physical & Mental Exercise)
3. Applying (Application of Holistic Life Skills in everyday Life)
4. Teaching (Confirming own Skills & Promoting Positive Self
by Teaching)

OMAC’s Success Formula (True Partnership) :
Good Parents + Good Teachers + Good Life Skills = A Bright Future

  • Oriental Martial Arts College World Elite Performance Team
  • Moo Sung Choi Breaking Demo 2008 Summer Camp
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  • Honorary Blackbelt - Arnold ABOC
  • Grandmaster YP Choi Sword Demo
  • BOC 2008 Form Demo
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