Gumdo Test Video

Please enjoy this video from one our wonderful students testing in Gumdo.

Mind Supports Body, Body Supports Mind

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The July Senior Class was held July 6th at the Main School in Reynoldsburg. Over 50 students of all ranks attended and Senior Grand Master Choi led instruction. He started with traditional Moo Gong Ryu skills, then continued with Geukki kicking drills. Each of the five basic kicks were completed in a square pattern: 2 kicks in each direction. Then a third kick in each direction was added. For Front Snap Kick, it was a Jump Front Snap Kick. For Side Kick, a Sliding Side kick. For Round House Kick, a Skipping Round House Kick.



Chun Ki Kimoodo Breathing

For Back Kick, a Step Back Kick. For Axe Kick, a Shuffle Axe Kick. The Grand Master stated that these combinations were fundamental to good sparring.

Next, the first three Taeguk forms were practiced. For the next test at Summer Camp, these three Taeguk forms and the student's rank Taeguk form are mandatory requirements. Moo Gong Ryu is eliminating the Palgwe forms in favor of the Taeguk forms. Finally, the ranks split off to study their own forms.




At the end of class, Grand Master Choi explained why Shim Shin Soo Ryun, Training of the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotion, was so important. In essence, the body supports the mind, and the mind supports the body. Without one, the other will falter. The Grand Master then explained how the Fourth of July was a holiday of freedom, but not just for the country. It was a holiday to celebrate the freedom from the past, the freedom from damage, the freedom from anger and other painful emotions. All students should strive to be the best they can be, living in the present and striving to enter the future, free of negative feelings.

Grand Master Choi then reminded the students of the upcoming Summer Camp. He likened the camp to fire and butter applied to a kernel of popcorn. The intense heat and the coating allowed the kernel to pop from the pressure, just as camp would help students pop into enlightenment. Summer Camp is a place to bring a student's Taekwondo to the next level.




Finally, Grand Master Choi announced the goal to create a university of martial arts, where students would apply for and study to obtain an associate's degree in martial arts. The goal of the University is to train a group of martial arts instructors to create OMAC-style schools across the country. The university would have a campus with a gym, dormitories, and classrooms. More news of the university will follow.

Master Gross then called to order the general meeting.

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