March Senior Class Teaches that Success in the Dojang Leads to Success in Real Life

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The March Senior Class was held March 2nd at the Main School in Reynoldsburg. Senior Grand Master Choi continued teaching his unification of all Moogongryu basics, with the addition of forward and backwards Innae. Traditionally, Innae #2 - #9 is performed by stepping back with the right and then the left foot. Senior Grand Master Choi showed how Innae could be performed forward, by stepping forward with the right or left foot before performing the block and the strike.




The Senior Grand Master then showed Geukki in a similar fashion, demonstrating the kicking drill with a step before the kick when moving forward or backward. The class practiced drills where the kick came from the front or rear leg. Combining Innae and Geukki, Senior Grand Master Choi showed how Jajah could also be performed forward and backwards.

Following a short break, the ranks separated to practice their individual forms. The Senior Grand Master emphasized performing the forms "by the count". In this way, the students could focus on precisely executing each step before moving to the next.




The final session of Senior Class focused on self-defense, refining the "by the count" methodology from the February Senior Class. Pairs of students face one another as before, obtaining the correct distance by touching fingertips, then standing at ready stance, junbi. On the count of one, hana, the attacking student goes into a fighting stance. At the next count, dul, the defending student responds with a ki-ap. On the next count, set the attacker steps forward and strikes with a high right punch. At the same time, the defender performs the appropriate self defense. At the next count, net, the attacker and defender return to junbi. In this fashion, all self-defense for a belt level are done in alternating sequence and as a performance.



Self Defense

As the class struggled with this simple pattern, Senior Grand Master Choi explained that failure in the classroom, in a controlled setting, meant that we were probably failing in our efforts outside the classroom. Through focus, attention, strength of spirit, and practice, we could perfect the Moogongryu curriculum. And if we could perfect that, then that would help us perfect our daily lives. But failure to perform well in the dojang meant our efforts in the real world were suspect.

Senior class was ended with the monthly meeting led by Master Gross.

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