Report on a Great Seminar and Test in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Friday 5 hour seminar from 3:30-9pm was a great success. We had over 120 children under 12 and 29 black belts. Children class was focused more on Mooshim, Innae, Geukki, Jajeh and Daemahng forms, target drills and free sparring. The children were very excited to have a special class with me, the Sr. Grand Master, and visiting instructors Mr. Moohyun and Ms. Jee Young Choi. Their eyes were shining like bright stars with joy and excitement. The uniform autograph session for over 120 kids were a big event by itself.

Black belt class from 6-9pm covered Geukki/Jajeh 1-9 including crescent kick, stomp kick, hook kick, twist kick and spinning wheel kick. Somehow I was able to perform enough to impress and motivate all the black belts. In the forms, we covered Chulgi 1-3, Balsaek, all three Kyumsohns, Ahm Hak, Rohai, Yun Bi, Song Moo, TKD Forms as well with a high level intensity.

Saturday was an all day seminar from 10am-6pm with over 100 juniors, adults and over 30 black belt students. We covered all range of OMAC curriculum including one step self defense, and breaking techniques as well. OMAC's holistic martial arts philosophy and history was explained for the students so they will be aware of OMAC's lineage.

Sunday test was a example of outstanding martial arts test of all with a great performances, executing a challenging multiple martial arts curriculum. As always, Master Graff's teaching standard was very high and the students' dedication and preparation for the test was outstanding. OMAC Germany is a proud family leading Moogongryu system.

Some highlights of the test were:
* Master Graff and Master Koch's weapon sparring with precision and full speed.
* Master Koch's Kyum Sohn 3.5 application performance with 8 attackers. Master Koch's techniques were matching with all techniques of Kyumsohn 3.5 from the beginning to the end with real speed and power. That was one of the best high level forms application performance that I have seen for a long time.

Belt tie and Injee ceremony brought the tradition and philosophy of OMAC system for 20 new black belt of various rank. Having a birth of new master from one system is a sign of successful martial arts organization and everyone celebrated with highest spirit.

Congratulations to all students, parents, instructors, supporters of OMAC Germany for an extraordinary test and seminar. Credit goes to leadership of senior master Graff, dedicated instructors, all hard trained students and supporters.

Thanks to Moohyun and Jee Young for their assistance to make a successful seminar and test.

Tuesday, I will be holding a Kimoodo Seminar at the city of Gau-Odenheim, Master Drexler's school.

From Thursday to Sunday we will have a seminar, test and championships in United Kingdom with Master Juliet and Sr. instructor Zara. I am certain that we will have another great success at our proud OMAC England branch.

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