Wilmette Young Tigers

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Branch Address
Branch Name: 
Wilmette Young Tigers
Wilmette Park District Community Recreation Center
3000 Glenview Rd
Branch Phone Number: 
(847) 256-9686
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Branch Offerings: 
Little Tigers
Branch Notes: 
Wilmette Young Tigers Taekwondo are open to children age 6 to 12 (for new students). Once they are admitted, there is no age limit for the continuing students, so they can move up all the way to black belts if they want. Also, with the instructors' permission, parents of current Young Tigers member may register for the Young Tigers class. Taekwondo for Adult classes are for age 18 and older. Classes are offered through Wilmette Park District as Sports Program Classes. Classes are held at Wilmette Park District Community Recreation Center located at 3000 Glenview Rd, Wilmette, IL, USA (847-256-9686). All sports programs at Wilmette Park District including the Wilmette Young tigers Taekwondo program are supervised by Mr. Jason Pilecki (Sports Supervisor, Wilmette Park District, 847-256-9690). Young Tigers Taekwondo Club is affiliated to Moosong Dojang, Moogong-Ryu Martial Arts Association & Oriental Martial Arts College, Inc. (OMAC), headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and use Moogong-ryu martial arts curriculum developed by OMAC. Instructors and black belts students are members of Moosong Dojang, Oriental Martial Arts College and Moogong-ryu Association. Registration for the classes are administered by Wilmette Park District. Class registration information and registration forms are available in "The Leisure Time Guide" published by Wilmette Park District. (visit Wilmette Park District online >> Information about The Leisure Time Guide or call 847-256-9686) Family members, friends are welcome to watch the classes.
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