OMAC Main Branch Student of the Month, December: Stephen Potter and Bonnie Custer

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OMAC Main Branch would like to congratulate the December students of the month, Stephen Potter and Bonnie Custer.

Steve will be testing for his 1st gup (black/white stripe belt) in tae kwon do at the December test and also holds a 3rd gup (red/black stripe belt) in Kimoodo. He is the Friday Little Tiger instructor and the assistant Kimoodo instructor. Steve was recommended by Mr. Wagner due to his dedication to the school, in particular the work he did on arranging and organizing the equipment storage room as well as setting up and leading five demonstrations in the last two months.

Bonnie Custer is a 6th gup (green/black stripe belt) in Kimoodo and volunteers during the day. She and Steve spent an entire Sunday for 12 hours arranging and organizing the equipment storage room. Additional, she has been working through years of filing boxes to help get the office organized and useful. Multiple masters have mentioned how nice it is to call into the school and hear Bonnie's pleasant voice answering the phone.

Congratulations, December students of the month, Steve and Bonnie!

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