OMAC Main Branch Student of the Month, November: Kevin Edmonds

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Congratulations to OMAC Main Branch's Student of the month for November: Kevin Edmonds. Kevin was recommended by his instructor, Debra Plasterer.

My recommendation is for Kevin Edmonds. WHy, you ask? Because he is a great helper!

Seriously, he is a 8 (or 9 or 10) year old 2nd gup who has really stepped up to help me on Thursday nights. I am often running late to teach my class and Kevin just gets them going. The thing that most impresses me is that he is actually trying to help them by correcting stances, getting them to kiyap, etc. This with not much prompting from me! He is always cheerful and ready to do what it takes. I have seen him become stronger inside as well. He is just a good kid!

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