Young Pyo Choi

Sr. Grandmaster - 9th Dan


Taekwondo,Accupressure,Accupuncture,Gumdo,Hapkido,Jang Bong,Karate,Kimoodo,Kung Fu,Tai Chi

Primary Branch

OMAC Indiana West


Grandmaster Young Pyo Choi is an accomplished martial artist is many fields.
He, along with his brother Sr. Grandmaster Joon Pyo Choi, founded the Oriental Martial Arts College.
Grandmaster Young Choi now resides in the Indianapolis, Indiana area where he runs multiple OMAC schools.

  • Oriental Martial Arts College World Elite Performance Team
  • Moo Sung Choi Breaking Demo 2008 Summer Camp
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  • Honorary Blackbelt - Arnold ABOC
  • Grandmaster YP Choi Sword Demo
  • BOC 2008 Form Demo
  • Mooshim 1-5