Joon Pyo Choi

Supreme Grandmaster - 10th Dan


Taekwondo,Accupressure,Accupuncture,Gumdo,Hapkido,Judo,Karate,Kimoodo,Kung Fu,Tai Chi

Primary Branch

Taekwondo Martial Arts World Headquarters




Supreme Grandmaster, 10th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo, Kukkiwon Certified

There are times when one cannot avoid a fight. During the Korean War, the streets of Korea were filled with angry street gangs who tried to survive day by day. One day a gang of twenty fighters attacked Joon Choi. Five men were wounded. One of the five was in a coma for three days in the hospital. The other fifteen gang members ran for their lives. At that time Choi was 17 years old; and he was already a 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Choi spent part of his childhood in a South Korean refugee camp where his family had fled to after they escaped North Korea. During the Korean War, refugee camps were tough. To survive, refugee children often fought with native street gangs.

Influenced by family members, Choi studied martial arts, an ancient system of physical training in selfdefense. He learned the philosophy and art of Taekwondo from Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro, founder of the Song Moo Kwan system. Choi learned acupuncture so he could heal, learned hypnotism to open his mind, and studied art and music to obtain more balance in his life.

Choi progressed rapidly. In 1967 and 1968 he captured the championship title as a competitor in his division. He was also deeply involved in meditation through which he gained self-awareness. This lead to his decision to devote his life to teaching martial arts. In the April of 1971 Choi came to America to fulfill his dream. Grand Master Choi has mastered several martial arts, including karate, Kung Fu and weaponry. He became a 9th degree black belt in Taekwondo.

His credentials as a teacher are impressive. He has produced more national and international champions than any other instructor in the United States. Master Choi has coached several U. S. teams in international events including the 3rd World Taekwondo Championship - 1977 in Chicago where the team became 3rd place in the world; 1988 U. S. National Team Coach for the Seoul Olympics which brought home 11 medals. US women’s Team became 1st place in the world and the Men’s Team became 2nd place in the world.

In 1993 Grand Master Choi established an International Goodwill Team that visited Russia, Korea, Mexico and China. For over forty years Master Choi has studied martial arts and he has taught more than 25,000 students. He is concerned with students’ physical and spiritual growth.

One of Master Choi’s current projects is to get government accreditation for an actual martial arts college where students would study all aspects of the martial arts: physical skills, philosophical ideas, art and martial arts. Master Choi’s final goal is to build a martial arts temple where masters would live and students could stay indefinitely to cultivate their minds and bodies whenever they need.

Master Choi’s successful adjustment to life and business in America is not only inspiring, but demonstrates his basic philosophy:

We must constantly try to improve,
    from the moment we are born
       to the moment we go.
         If we do not, we die.
            It is our obligation as human beings.

Education and Special Training

  • 1956 - : Martial Arts Study & Training (Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Karate, Hapkido, Judo, Gumdo, Kimoodo Healing Art)
  • 1965 - 1971: Pusan Su-San University (Business Administration)
  • 1965 - 1970: Song Hak Acupuncture School & Korean Folk Musical Instrument
  • 1965 - 1998: Oriental Philosophy (Taoism, Confucianism, Zen, Kigong - Energy Healing Arts)

Martial Arts History & Achievement

  • 2013: Awarded 10th Dan, Supreme Grandmaster, Rank by Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jik Ro, Father of Modern Taekwondo
  • 2009: Honorary Chairman for International Hapkido Championship in Battle Creek, MI
    Chairman, USAT Martial Arts Commission
    Kukkiwon Representative to USAT
    Member, Board of Directors, USAT (National Governing Body for Taekwondo under direction of United States Olympic Committee)
  • 2008: Established Alliance with Korean Traditional Martial Arts Federations for Taekyun/Hapkido/Gongkwon Yusool/Teukgong Musool
  • 2007: Recipient, USAT Directors Leadership Award
    Hall of Fame Award by US Taekwondo Grandmaster's Society, Coach of the Year
  • 2006: Special Award from Woon Kyun Uhm, Kukkiwon President
    Taekwondo Times, Coach of the Year, Hall of Fame Award
    Taekwondo Times, Editor
    Advisor to the President of USAT
    Co-Chairman, USAT Martial Arts Commission
    Established Battle of Columbus/World Martial Arts Games European Qualifier
    Establish European Martial Arts Alliance
    International Advisor, Nigerian Taekwondo Federation
  • 2005: Established Pan-Caribbean Martial Arts Alliance
    Established African MartialArts Alliance
    Established Canadian Martial Arts Alliance
    Established Korean Martial Arts Alliance
    President of World Martial Arts Alliance (
    Featured on Cover Story in National Association of Profession Martial Artists (NAPMA) Magazine
  • 2004: Elected as a President of United States Taekwondo Alliance
    World Peace Ambassador Medal Award by United Nation World Peace Council
  • 2003: Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award by World United Martial Arts Alliance
  • 2001: General Chairman of the Arnold Battle of Columbus World Martial Arts Games/Asian Culture Fair
    Special Award from President of Bridgeport University CT. for Martial Arts Contribution
  • 2000: U.S. Team Head for World Taekwondo Festival (Korea & China)
  • 1999: U.S. Team Head for World Taekwondo Festival (Korea) & Served as an Executive Committee
  • 1998: U.S.A. Team Delegate for International Taekwondo Festival Mexico ‘98
    Chairman of World Martial Arts Expo/Asian Culture Fair (Columbus Convention Center)
  • 1997: Promoted to 9th Dan Black Belt
  • 1993: International Martial Arts Goodwill Mission & Demonstration (Russia, Mexico, Korea, China)
  • 1992: Founded Kimoodo Healing Arts Institute
  • 1988: Coached Seoul Olympic for U.S Team - Women (1st in the World), Men (2nd in the World)
  • 1979: U.S. National Taekwondo Coach of the Year Award
  • 1977-1979: U.S. National Team Head Coach
  • 1976-current: Founder/Promoter of Battle of Columbus, Open Martial Arts Championship
  • 1971-1989: Best Demonstration Awards, Madison Square Gardens, Smithsonian Institute, and others
  • 1971: Moved U.S.A. - Founded & Head Instructor, Oriental Martial Arts College System
  • 1968-1969: All Korean National Championship Winner
  • 1965: Head Instructor – Pusan Susan University & Hae Yang University Navy/Marine ROTC
  • 1963: Founder/Head Instructor, Boy Scout Taekwondo School, Korea
  • 1956: Entered Taekwondo School

Community Service and Achievement

  • 2006: Outstanding Community Leadership Award, Central Ohio Breathing Association
  • 2005: Appointed to International Development Advisory Council for GyeongBuk Province, Korea
  • 2003: Re-Appointed as a Columbus Community Relations Council Commissioner
  • 2001:
    • Civil Right Leadership Award from Civil Right Commission and Governor of the State of Ohio
    • Special Award from President of Bridgeport University CT. for Martial Arts Contribution
    • Elected as a President of the Asian American Commerce Group
  • 2000:
    • General Chairman of the Arnold Battle of Columbus World Martial Arts Championships
    • Directed Expo Asia 2000 (World Martial Arts Expo - 25th Anniversary Battle of Columbus, Asian Culture Fair, Asian Trade Seminar) - Delegates From GyeongBuk Participated
  • 1999:
    • Columbus Community Relations Council Commissioner - Appointed by Mayor of Columbus
    • Directed World Martial Arts Expo, Asian Culture Fair, Asian Trade Seminar - Invited GyeongBuk Team
  • 1998:
    • Chairman of Asian Culture Fair & World Martial Arts Expo- Conducted International Trade Seminar
    • Honorary Chairman for Franklin County International Fair
    • Chairman of Board, Columbus Korean American Community School
  • 1997:
    • Board of Directors for the United Way of Central Ohio
    • Honorary Delegate, Governor Voinovich (Ohio) Asian Pacific Rim Trade Mission, GyeongBuk Visit
    • Board of Director for Central Ohio Breathing Association
    • Central Ohio Minority Business Advocate Award
  • 1995-1998:
    • Advisory Council for Peace Unification of Korea for President of Korea
    • President, Asian American Commerce Group
  • 1993: Goodwill Mission Ambassador, appointed by Governor Voinovich & Mayor Lashutka
  • 1992: Established Ohio-GyeongBuk Sisterhood Agreement - Acting Goodwill Ambassador for Ohio-GyeongBuk
    Advisor, Columbus Area Sports Council, Appointed by Mayor Lashutka
  • 1991: Outstanding Service Award for Senior Citizen of Columbus ( Korean American Senior Citizen Assoc. of Columbus)
  • 1986: Chairman of the Board, KASCO - Korean American Senior Citizens Association
  • 1977: President, Korean-American Association

Championship Students

  • 1970s: Greg Fears - 3 times USTU National Champion (Feather-Light Weight), Pan Am Games Gold Medal, Silver Medal in 3rd World Championships in Chicago. Over 10 times Grand Champion in Open Circuit
    James Kirby - USTU National Champion (Middle Weight), Pan Games Gold Medal, Silver Medal 3rd World Championships in Chicago
    Sunny Graff - 3 times USTU National Champion (Bantam Weight), Gold Medal World Championship in Taiwan
    Jeff Nelle - USTU National Champion (Light Weight)
    Mark Isbister - Grand Champion in Open Circuit
    Helen Yee - USTU Pin National Champion (Fin Weight) - World Cup Silver Medal
  • 1980s: Greg Baker - 5 times USTU National Champion (Bantam to Welter) - World Cup, World Championships, Olympic Bronze Medal
    Chris Spence - 3 times USTU National Champion (Fly - Feather), World Cup Bronze Medal
    Doug Baker - USTU National Champion (Feather-Light), Olympic Contender
    Jennifer Grey - USTU National Champion, Olympic Contender
    Youn Lee - USTU National Champion, Jr. World Championship Silver Medal
    Greg Gruel - USTU National Champion, Jr. World Championship Gold Medal
    Rebecca Bravard - USTU National Champion, US Olympic Festival - Gold Medal
    Heath Watson - USTU National Champion, US Olympic Festival - Gold Medal
    John Kelso - USTU National Jr. - Gold Medal
  • 1990s: Stewart Gill - USTU National Champion, World Championship Gold Medal in Taiwan
  • 2000s: Moo Sung Choi - Over 10 times Grand Champion in Open Circuit, Olympic Hopeful
  • In addition to above mentioned Grandmaster Choi’s OMAC has produced more than 50 national contenders and Open Circuit Champions; the most national/international champions from a single U.S.A. school as well as over 25,000 Students

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