Little Tigers

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Little Tigers Builds Character
Little Tigers Cartoon

  1. Obey Parents
  2. Cooperate with Brothers & Sisters
  3. Respect Elders & Teachers
  4. Do your Homework as First Priority
  5. Keep Yourself & Room Neat & Clean

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Little Tigers Self Defense
Little Tigers Show Respect
Children are the Future of Our World

Give your child the gift of Confidence, Self Esteem, Concentration, Philosophy, Discipline, and Self Control.

Our program promotes Health & Fitness, Respect & Patience, Stress Relief & more in a safe & fun environment.

  • Oriental Martial Arts College World Elite Performance Team
  • Moo Sung Choi Breaking Demo 2008 Summer Camp
  • Grandmaster YP Choi Advertisement
  • Honorary Blackbelt - Arnold ABOC
  • Grandmaster YP Choi Sword Demo
  • BOC 2008 Form Demo
  • Mooshim 1-5