• OMAC Main Branch Student of the Month, February: Kat Bubeleva

    Kat Bubaleva is a 17 year old student at OMAC. Kat shows true dedication to her Taekwondo traininh. Her only way to get to class is either by riding her bike or by walking. Kat has never missed a class based on weather; even during the huge snowfalls last month, Kat still came to class. One day, she was the only student, because classes had actually been canceled due to snow, and she had not received the message!

    Congratulations to Kat as the February student of the month.

  • OMAC Main Branch Student of the Month, January: Brendan Wiseman

    OMAC Main Branch congratulates Brendan Wiseman as our January Student of the Month. Brendan is 6 years old and recently moved up from the Little Tiger program. He has already tested twice and earned his Orange Belt. He attends class as often as possible, and really shows great spirit in all that he does. Brendan also braved attending Winter Camp as one of the youngest campers amidst all the adults and black belts.

    Congratulations, Brendan!

  • OMAC Main Branch Student of the Month, December: Stephen Potter and Bonnie Custer

    OMAC Main Branch would like to congratulate the December students of the month, Stephen Potter and Bonnie Custer.

    Steve will be testing for his 1st gup (black/white stripe belt) in tae kwon do at the December test and also holds a 3rd gup (red/black stripe belt) in Kimoodo. He is the Friday Little Tiger instructor and the assistant Kimoodo instructor. Steve was recommended by Mr. Wagner due to his dedication to the school, in particular the work he did on arranging and organizing the equipment storage room as well as setting up and leading five demonstrations in the last two months.

  • OMAC Main Branch Student of the Month, November: Kevin Edmonds

    Congratulations to OMAC Main Branch's Student of the month for November: Kevin Edmonds. Kevin was recommended by his instructor, Debra Plasterer.

    My recommendation is for Kevin Edmonds. WHy, you ask? Because he is a great helper!

  • OMAC Main Branch Student of the Month, October: Sara Applegate

    Sara Applegate is a younger beginner student, and she tries to take just about every class some times even 2 classes in a day. She never backs down from a challenge and keeps up with all my senior belts in class. Always has a excellent, positive attitude and keeps her head up even during the toughest training classes. She is also in band and participates in many extracurricular activities. She is one of my younger students, but is very bright and works hard as well.

  • OMAC Main Branch September Student of the Month: Brittney Norwood

    Brittany Norwood is a beginner student (only a few months) but has already tested for her first belt. Her father recently signed up after watching her in some classes and seeing her excitement and enthusiasm. Brittany participates in every class possible and has a bright and positive attitude. She works hard in class and never fails to smile. She works to the point of exhaustion and always comes back to the next class with a smile and energy to work harder. She also has lots of natural ability and the drive to be a champion.

  • OMAC Main Branch August Student of the Month: Amy Wright

    At only 7 years old, Amy has shown that she is an exceptional student by attaining her black belt. Within the last month or so, she really focused hard on polishing her skills to make sure they were black belt quality, went through the incredibly intense fasting and meditation cycle, and performed very well during her test. She serves as a role model for everything from the Little Tigers, which she helps teach on Fridays, to the most senior students, by always being polite and respectful and helping out.

    Congratulations, August Student of the Month, Amy Wright!

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