We're Open!

OMAC headquarters (1349 Brice Rd) is running daily (Mon-Sat) physical classes for ages 8 and up with strict safety, distancing, and sanitation protocols. For those who may not yet feel comfortable returning to on premise classes, we will still be sharing our classes online (members only) so you can train from a distance.

We are also holding an online only beginner's / children's class on Saturdays at 11am (30 minute class) for ages 7 and under.

For more information, please message or call us 614-864-4000.

OMAC branch locations are in the works - planning to open soon, depending on each branch's unique circumstances. Each branch will keep you updated with further information.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication in this unprecedented time, and continuing to train with us in our online classes for you to continue your training and self- improvement!

Yours and our instructors' safety are the highest priority as we navigate through this difficult time.

For continued training materials and classes - if you are a current OMAC member please message us to join the "OMAC FAMILY US" private group. OMAC UK branch in England Master Juliet is also holding live classes and even more additional training on her group as well - at "OMACfamily" private group.

These groups are a safe place where you can still view and participate in quality online training material, and see your instructors and peers [distance] training along! As these are admin moderated private groups, you must answer the group verification question at the time of your request to join, and please include the name of the student if they're a minor without a Facebook profile. Message us for any questions.

"Moodo jungshin" - Martial arts spirit!

Zoom Livestream Class Schedule

Most of our classes are being Livestreamed on Zoom.us, The attached Schedule shows class times. See OMAC Family US group for logon instructions. Most of the Kimoodo sessions are not posted here, Kimoodo sessions are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:00 AM and logon information is shared directly with students. For Taekwondo, and Gumdo, please note the livesession training times and be sure to join us. Members please see OMAC Family US for logon information.

OMAC Family US Facebook Group

Excellent News for Members!!! Please join our Members Only Facebook Group: OMAC Family US. You can either search for that group name or directly access the OMAC Family US Facebook group at:


OMAC Response to COVID-19

OMAC Family:

On March 15, 2020, the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, took the extraordinary step to close all bars and restaurants, restricting them to delivery and take out only. He came to this decision after people all over the state sent him photos and stories of crowded bars Saturday night despite the warnings of social distancing and the governor’s edict limiting crowds to no larger than 100 people.

Governor DeWine made this decision “Based upon all of this and based upon the fact of where we are at this point, in this pandemic — we are literally at a crucial, crucial, crucial stage”. Social Distancing is the best practice aside from frequent hand washing, for limiting the spread of Covid 19, and all Ohioans are being asked to do their part to reduce the need for our health services.

In response to this new development, and in the interest of keeping everyone safe and healthy, Supreme Grandmaster Choi has made the extremely difficult decision to cancel all classes for at least two weeks beginning Monday March 16th, 2020. This will affect all branches. Your contract will be extended for the length of this closure. This is being done with the health of the families of our students as the priority in this time of state and national crisis. You are all encouraged to practice at home. We are working to provide links for you to access your requirements online. Thank you; and keep healthy and happy. "Bek Gel Bulgool - Indomitable Spirit"

OMAC 46th Anniversary Special

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