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The 43rd Arnold Battle of Columbus and 19th Arnold Martial Arts World Games for 2019 event poster is available for download and print. Just click on the below image to download the full size poster.

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World SongMooKwan United, Moogongryu, and OMAC Masters.

2018 Meditation For July BB Test

Sunday, 6/24, over 40 OMAC branches black belt students up to 8th dan completed 12 hours of meditation. The test coming on July 19-22 at Kenyon college during the 37th annual OMAC summer camp.
They completed 3-6 days of fasting prior to 12 hours meditation on Sunday. Sgm Choi leading the last phase of meditation. Congratulations to all OMAC instructors and students. This tradition has been started since 1971 after young master Choi brought taekwondo in the USA.

Oriental Martial Arts College Columbus Ohio Headquarters

  • Martial Arts Birthday Parties!

    Have a FUN and Unique birthday party - with a KICK!


  • Congratulations again to our very own Supreme Grandmaster Joon P. Choi, 10th Dan Black Belt!

    The 30th Annual Oriental Martial Arts College - Moogongryu Martial Arts Summer Camp of 2013 was EPIC!

    Spectacular Curricula, Energy, and Spirit were seen and felt throughout camp and in all of our great athletes!

    Not only did we have an AWESOME camp, we had a chance to witness a Historical Event at this camp's
    Moogongryu Main Rank Promotion Test!

    That is, the Honorable Belt Presentation ceremony of not one, not two, but FOUR Grandmasters in the OMAC Moogongryu school.

    Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jik Ro, one of the original founding fathers of Taekwondo Martial Arts - Founder of Songmookwan Taekwondo in South Korea - 1944,
    and instructor of Senior Grandmaster Joon P. Choi (now Supreme Grandmaster Choi) has promoted the following Grandmasters for their dedication in their lifelong commitment to Martial Arts:

  • 10 Reasons Martial Arts Benefits Kids

    Kenny Myers, a child care expert from Texas, has a great article at Kenny is not a martial arts instructor or school owner, just a child care expert, so his article focuses on children. However, in many respects I would go so far as to say the title should be "10 Reasons Martial Arts Benefits Everyone".

    Without reposting his entire article, the 10 reasons he lists are:

    1. Fostering Self-Discipline
    2. Boosting Socialization Skills
    3. Encouraging Physical Activity
  • Grandmaster Joon Pyo Choi Biography: Unversity Study, part 6

         I entered Pusan National University in March as a freshman. I had not learned my lesson very well in high school however. As I had done in high school, I didn't study, and any chance I had, I spent my time practicing Taekwondo. If I had five or ten minute, I would step outside and practice kicking. My grandmaster was Byung Jik Ro, but he resided in Seoul, so I continued to study on my own.

  • Mind Supports Body, Body Supports Mind

    The July Senior Class was held July 6th at the Main School in Reynoldsburg. Over 50 students of all ranks attended and Senior Grand Master Choi led instruction. He started with traditional Moo Gong Ryu skills, then continued with Geukki kicking drills. Each of the five basic kicks were completed in a square pattern: 2 kicks in each direction. Then a third kick in each direction was added. For Front Snap Kick, it was a Jump Front Snap Kick. For Side Kick, a Sliding Side kick. For Round House Kick, a Skipping Round House Kick.

  • Grandmaster Joon Pyo Choi Biography: The Martial Artist I Became, part 5

         During the school year, I trained in Taekwondo every minute that I was awake. I'd go to Taekwondo class after school, and then run home for dinner. After dinner I had to do homework, but I only wanted to think about martial arts.

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  • Grandmaster Joon Pyo Choi Biography: Traveler, part 4

         South Korea after the war was a dangerous place. The streets were wild and just walking down the street could lead to a fight. The war had affected the whole country, and those were the things that we had to endure.

  • March Senior Class Teaches that Success in the Dojang Leads to Success in Real Life

    The March Senior Class was held March 2nd at the Main School in Reynoldsburg. Senior Grand Master Choi continued teaching his unification of all Moogongryu basics, with the addition of forward and backwards Innae. Traditionally, Innae #2 - #9 is performed by stepping back with the right and then the left foot. Senior Grand Master Choi showed how Innae could be performed forward, by stepping forward with the right or left foot before performing the block and the strike.

  • Congratulations to Moosong Dojang (Wilmette) New Blackbelts


    Congratulations to Pearson, Miranda, Eva, and Erica. These four are Moosong Dojang (Wilmette) newest Black Belt students.

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